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200239180Why should schools participate in Challenge Bowl at AAPA Conference 2015?

Participating in the Challenge Bowl allows students to represent their PA program on a national level. Many students are proud of their PA programs and this is a great way to get the word out there! Being on a Challenge Bowl team allows just that and a sense of pride and commitment to your school.

Challenge Bowl is also a fun way to interact with other PA students from around the country during a friendly trivia competition!

What makes Challenge Bowl a great experience (besides being the winning team)?

Challenge Bowl is the most exciting event at AAPA Conference for students! Whether you’re on stage competing for your school or in the crowd cheering on your team, it’s a great way to celebrate being a PA student.

As a spectator last year, I cannot put into words the amount of excitement and energy in the room during the contest. Before the event, there was music playing, beach balls being tossed around and tons of students dancing! Spectators made signs for their program and wore foam fingers and matching school-spirited shirts! There was no doubt that everyone who attended had a blast—competitors included!

How to prep for Challenge Bowl?

At last year’s conference, I was an event spectator; however, this year, I’m a member of my school’s Challenge Bowl team! Having experienced the Challenge Bowl already, I was able to take in the event and see what it was all about without the added stress of competing. I can put your mind at ease if you’re worried about joining in by saying it’s a fun and friendly competition.

To prepare this year, my school’s team gets together on a regular basis to practice. We meet for a couple hours a week and practice answering medical trivia questions.

What you can learn from Challenge Bowl?

From my past Challenge Bowl experience, I learned how awesome the PA profession is! Challenge Bowl celebrates PA students around the nation, and it’s become such a large event. A lot of times, students don’t receive the spotlight in their profession; that is not the case in the PA profession. Students are involved in many events and talks at AAPA Conference, the largest conference for our profession!

And this year’s Challenge Bowl will be emceed by AAPA President John G. McGinnity, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA, which, I think, shows a level of commitment and support for students.

Last year, Challenge Bowl was the highlight of my first AAPA Conference. Let it be yours this year!

Register for the 25th anniversary Challenge Bowl at AAPA Conference 2015.

Bethany Rohrs attends the Salus University PA program in Philadelphia. She is director of student communications, SAAAPA Board of Directors.

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