Weather Channel + AAPA President = Free Publicity for PA Profession
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Lawrence Herman

AAPA President Lawrence Herman

Media outlets like The Weather Channel are often looking for experts to put things into perspective for readers/viewers. Recently, they contacted the New York Institute of Technology for “germ” experts, and NYIT suggested they talk to AAPA President Lawrence Herman, PA-C, MPA. Since in his own words he’s done “a ton of research on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus,” they used his comments for an article on the “germiest” places at home, work and public places. Some 132 million people a month access The Weather Channel on TV and online.

This is a great example of how PAs can use the media to promote the profession. Let your employer and others know if you’re comfortable handling questions from the media. Respond to the inquiry as soon as possible. The reporter probably has a daily—if not hourly—deadline to meet. Make sure the reporter spells your name and professional title correctly if they don’t ask during the interview. Give the reporter an after-hours phone number to contact you if they have more questions.

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