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Eugene Stead AwardAAPA seeks member volunteers to participate in a three-month project that will help its Board of Directors evaluate and potentially redesign the AAPA Awards Program to better serve the PA profession and AAPA members. The group will consider the types of recognition awards, their criteria, the judging process, the nomination process and timing of awards.

We seek a diverse group of up to four practicing PAs and one PA student who are able and willing to participate in regular conference calls, and develop and review documents and proposals via email or through document-sharing websites such as Google Docs. No in-person meetings are anticipated. The estimated time commitment is 30 hours.

Volunteers are asked to provide a brief description of their experience and/or interest in AAPA programs and awards, and any experience with program or project evaluation.

Please send your contact information (name, specialty area, address, location of practice or PA program attending, email address, and preferred phone number) and your statement of interest/experience to:

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