Use of PAs on the Rise
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PA, physician smiling with patientOn July 8, Jackson Healthcare released key findings from its annual survey on how physicians are using physician assistants and nurse practitioners in their medical practice, and how these choices are impacting physicians’ attitudes and productivity.

Here are some key takeaways for PAs:

  • Use of NPs has remained steady between 2012 and 2014, but the use of PAs has shown a statistically significant increase. Twenty-five percent of survey respondents in 2012 reported using PAs. This rose to 30 percent in 2014.
  • Hospital-based specialties like critical care medicine, emergency medicine and hospitalists, as well as surgical subspecialists are most likely to use PAs. Hospital-based specialties and pediatricians are most likely to use NPs.
  • Seventy-six percent of physicians said PAs and NPs contribute to the productivity of physicians and their medical practice. They said more patients receive care when they are part of their practice team.
  • Sixty-one percent of physicians reported that duties formerly performed by physicians are being taking on by PAs and NPs. And 60 percent affirmed that this is a positive trend.

Read more on the survey.

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