Top 10 Reasons to Participate in Challenge Bowl
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Melissa Ricker, PA-CI am excited to share my top ten reasons your program should participate in Challenge Bowl!

Challenge Bowl is one of the biggest, most exciting … and loudest events at AAPA Conference. It’s a chance to show what you and your program are made of, and to become the 2015 Challenge Bowl Champion!

And here are some more reasons to sign up for the Challenge Bowl.

1. Start or continue a tradition at your program
This year, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Challenge Bowl, which was held in San Francisco in 1991. As a Challenge Bowl participant, you’ll join a long tradition of promoting academic excellence and leave a valuable legacy behind for your program.

2. It’s absolutely free!
I know you pay for tuition, other school fees and travel to conference, but there is no cost for the Challenge Bowl! It’s absolutely free to register your team to participate!

3. Preparing for it can help improve your academic performance
Many teams begin preparing with test prep questions in the months leading up to the conference. What better way to prepare for didactic or clinical tests, or even the PANCE, than with these practice questions?

4. It’s a privilege
Many teams work all year to meet eligibility requirements to participate in Challenge Bowl. These requirements include 75 percent of a program’s students are AAPA members; each program must send a program representative to the Assembly of Representatives (AOR); and each of the three Challenge Bowl team members are registered for conference and are in good academic standing, with only one graduating within 30 days of the competition. (If you haven’t met those requirements yet, don’t worry. You still have until February 28 to do so, and register to participate in Challenge Bowl!)

5. Promote academic excellence
Academic excellence and distinction are top priorities as PA students, and a great way to supplement that is with extracurricular participation. What a fun way to promote academic excellence—by representing your program in the Challenge Bowl!

6. Meet PA students from other programs
Between Challenge Bowl orientation and the event itself, there will be lots of opportunities to meet participants from other programs. Who doesn’t love scoping out their friendly competition?

7. Rally support for your program
Ignite some school spirit! You can encourage students, faculty, alumni and PAs from your area and program to wear their school colors and T-shirts, and bring their pompoms, foam fingers and cow bells to cheer you on!

8. Free stuff
Each registered Challenge Bowl team gets a free participant T-shirt.

9. It’s Fun!
It’s like a dance party with 2,000 of your friends and fellow PAs, alongside the biggest PA student academic competition. Sounds like a good time to me!

10. A chance to become the AAPA Challenge Bowl Champions
This is the best reason to participate! Who wouldn’t want to rock the title of “2015 Challenge Bowl Champions” for an entire year? Did I tell you it comes with a trophy?

I can’t wait to see all of the different programs represented at the 25th anniversary Challenge Bowl in May at AAPA Annual Conference in San Francisco!

Register today!

Melissa Ricker, PA-C, is the president of the Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

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