Join the conversation! We’re always in search of PA contributors for this site. Below are examples of topics we’re looking for PAs or PA students to write about. You can pick one that interests you, or suggest something else.

  • How you got a job
  • Transitions (out of school, from one specialty to another, from job to job)
  • What a typical day is like for you as a PA
  • An on-the-job challenge and how you overcame it
  • Technology PAs use
  • How to find work-life balance
  • How healthcare reform affects PAs
  • How you made a difference in someone’s life

We’re looking for posts around 500 words. When you submit it, an AAPA staff editor will read it and send it back to you for a final review before we post, if there are any changes or questions. Submit your posts to pasconnect@aapa.org.

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