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2903987The motto of my company, PA Career Coach, is: “A healthy PA career benefits all.” I believe passionately in the work PAs do and want to help you be happy and effective as you practice as a member of this wonderful profession.

Over the years, in thousands of career-centered conversations with PAs, I’ve occasionally been asked if I am a PA. I’m not. But, I wonder if the satisfaction of helping a PA find a solution to a career quandary or challenge is a small taste of what it feels like to be a PA, making a positive difference in patients’ lives. The fact is, it’s meaningful and exciting to advocate for members of a profession so dedicated to making healthcare more compassionate and patient-centered.

As founder of PA Career Coach and a former AAPA professional affairs staff member for 14 years whose specialty was career advocacy, my goal is for individual PAs to thrive professionally and personally, and to have healthy careers in every sense. Between 1999 and 2013, I had the privilege of speaking with thousands of you about your career concerns, and serving the PA profession in this way became my mission—and what I love to do.

To make a positive difference in a PA’s career, whether by troubleshooting a contract, making a resume sparkle, addressing a new graduate’s questions about the transition from program to practice, providing information and support for career transitions, or bringing an advocate’s perspective to professional relationships—the whole arc of PA career advocacy—is what inspires me.

One essential insight, gleaned from countless conversations with practicing PAs over the years, is that professional self-advocacy is essential for a healthy career. Contract negotiation is one of the most effective ways I’ve found to help PAs have sustainable, rewarding careers; engaging in it is a kind of preventative professional medicine that can address a variety of potential problems before they have a chance to take root.

I love the adventure of reading each new contract with a constructively critical eye, and working to improve and expand it to include my client’s perspective and interests. With each improved contract successfully negotiated, I feel like I’ve had a role in building a healthier PA profession, one PA at a time.

PA practice has tremendous potential and range, and also its share of challenges that can benefit from having an advocate well-versed in PA practice and passionate about its success. I’d love to help you with any issues that stand in the way of career growth and satisfaction— wherever you are in your career. Contact me at pacareercoach@gmail.com or visit my website for more information.

Jennifer Anne Hohman is founder and principal of PA Career Coach, a service dedicated to helping PAs create rewarding, healthy and patient-centered careers.

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