Physician Assistants Featured in NBC’s ‘Quest for Care’ Series
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Ben Olmedo

Ben Olmedo

Following on the heels of several PA-positive stories during National PA Week last week, NBC News’ Maggie Fox profiled three PAs (Carrie Kowalski, Ben Olmedo and Vicki Chan-Padgett) as part of its “Quest for Care” series exploring the shortage of healthcare providers as the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented.

The story gives a positive representation of the profession, with an emphasis on how PAs fill gaps in the healthcare system due to physician shortages.

Fox also focuses on the crucial roles of PAs in underserved communities and as patient advocates.

Kowalski, who practices at the Venice Family Clinic in Venice, Calif., was profiled in AAPA’s PA Professional magazine and on PAsConnect in January.

Chan-Padgett, who directs physician assistant studies at Touro University Nevada, was profiled in the May 2012 issue of PA Professional and on PAsConnect. She was awarded AAPA’s PA Service to the Underserved Award that year.

In addition, Olmedo was recently elected to the Mat-Su Health Foundation board of directors in Wasilla, Alaska, and was featured in PA Professional in October 2013.

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