Patients and Physicians Open to ‘Greater Role’ for PAs and NPs
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PA with doc looking at X-rayA June 4 article on Forbes’ website notes that patients are becoming more comfortable seeing physician assistants and nurse practitioners. The article cites two studies out this week that show both patients and physicians are “open to a greater role” for primary care professionals who are not medical doctors.

A study published in the June 2 issue of the journal Health Affairs found about half of respondents preferred a physician as their primary care provider, but most would choose to see a physician assistant or nurse practitioner if they were available sooner.

Another study in the May-June issue of Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine found that 60 percent of family doctors often work in collaboration with physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives.

Dr. Andrew Bazemore, one of the family medicine journal article’s authors and director of the Robert Graham Center, said that research shows team-based care is an effective response to our nation’s increasing demand for healthcare:

Demand for primary care is growing as our population grows and ages and as more people gain insurance coverage. Earlier research has shown that teams of professionals that include physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can do much to meet demand for care, improve access to care, ensure patients get the full range of medical and nursing care, and have a positive impact on controlling health care costs.

Read the full article here.

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