PA Helps Cancer Patients in N.C.
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Susan Blumenthal

Susan Blumenthal

STOMP The Monster is a charitable organization providing financial and personal support for cancer patients, their families and caregivers when they need it most: during their battle with the disease. Susan Blumenthal, a physician assistant in a Cary, N.C. oncology office, co-founded STOMP The Monster NC in October 2012 after seeing firsthand how easy it was for cancer patients to slip into financial distress. Working with her friend Andi Sawin, a founding board member of STOMP The Monster based out of New Jersey, Blumenthal brought the successful organization to the Triangle.

“I felt my patients had enough to deal with,” said Blumenthal. “To see them struggle with paying for medications — or worse, their family’s groceries — was just heartbreaking. Some didn’t have jobs or care for their children. They shouldn’t have those extra stresses while fighting the battle of their lives.”

STOMP The Monster was founded in 2010 by Seth Grumet of Marlboro, N.J. after he underwent his own treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Grumet saw how quickly this monstrous disease could turn one’s world upside down. He was fortunate to have family and friends supporting him through this most difficult time, but he realized not every cancer patient is so fortunate. He saw so many struggling with financial and household hardship on top of their health issues.

Motivated by his 10-year-old daughter’s mantra to “stomp his cancer monster,” Grumet came up with a plan to raise money for these fellow cancer patients in need. Since then, STOMP The Monster of New Jersey and North Carolina has assisted more than 400 patients in five states with medical bills, prescriptions, utility bills, rent, gas, food and childcare, to name a few.

STOMP The Monster NC is a volunteer-operated organization that hosts events around the Triangle and seeks charitable contributions to fulfill local patient requests for assistance. All donations stay in North Carolina and 95 percent of the money raised goes directly to the patients.

A few examples of how STOMP The Monster NC has helped North Carolinians:

  • K.F. is a 33-year-old woman from Cary, N.C. with metastatic gastric cancer. She has been undergoing treatment for the past year and is unable to work. She lives alone with support from her family but cannot pay all her bills. STOMP The Monster NC is paying her car and homeowners’ insurance for the next year to take away the stress of those monthly payments.
  • R.B. from Garner, N.C., is a 38-year-old man with colon cancer. He is a husband and father of three young children—one of whom was born during his second month of chemotherapy. Early in his treatment he was out of work, but he returned to work the night shift to help pay for his treatment and care for his family. STOMP The Monster NC paid off his medical bills and provided a holiday gift card to help make the season a little nicer for his family.
  • S.B. is a 54-year-old woman from Raleigh, N.C., undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and radiation protocol for colon cancer. Both she and her husband are unemployed. She is fortunate to have COBRA insurance but she struggles with the premiums and additional medical expenses from three hospitalizations and two surgeries. Despite her struggles with her disease, she manages to stay positive and hopeful that her current treatment will allow her to put this nightmare behind her and return to a productive life. STOMP The Monster NC provided financial assistance to pay for her pathology bills, and co-pays for radiological studies and chemotherapy.

Want to help out? Visit STOMP and STOMP NC.

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