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This article appears in the March issue of PA Professional.

Do you ever wonder about the options for nonclinical employment open to you as a PA? There is a world of options available in fact. Before I detail some in this article, here are some questions to help you think about what might be of interest to you in the non-clinical world:2903987

  • What skills or talents would you like to exercise that you are not able to in your current clinical positions?
  • Is there a specific cause for which you have a passion?
  • How do you envision PAs making a positive difference in the world of medicine and society at large beyond clinical practice?
  • Would you enjoy doing research or working on policy or regulations?
  • In what situations are you at your most creative and best at solving problems?
  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Companies

Corporations involved in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing hire PAs to work in research and development, medical clinical trials, regulatory affairs, education, communications and sales and marketing. You’ll find job descriptions and position listings on major employment sites.

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