Navy-Bound PA Sets Sail
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Joshua M. Stone, upcoming graduate of the South College School of Physician Assistant Studies, Knoxville, Tenn., and future seaman, U.S. Navy

I am about to graduate from PA school in December 2012. Although I am very excited to start practicing medicine and put my education to use, I am also excited to begin my career in the U.S. Navy. I was awarded the Health Professions Scholarship Program scholarship about this time last year, and although I was commissioned at the time, my naval experience has been limited to a few rotations I have done at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Va.

There are many reasons I chose to pursue the Navy (tuition reimbursement, the experience of doing something new and seeing new places, etc.); however, my main intention was to be able to provide healthcare and support to the men and women who are serving this country and protecting our freedoms.

I believe that PA school has helped prepare me for a career in the Navy, not only because I will be helping our soldiers with their physical needs, but also because it has taught me to multitask, work under stressful conditions, accomplish goals and meet deadlines, all while maintaining a professional demeanor. Going through PA school has brought confidence to my own understanding about the level of stress I am able to go through and still accomplish my tasks. I know that the military is looking for men and women who can deal with a lot and still remain focused and dedicated.

In addition, I feel that I am entering a field where the PA concept is very well understood and appreciated. I believe that the Navy will be an excellent environment in which my knowledge and skills as a PA can be developed and honed.

South College has been extremely respectful of the military and continues to promote and advance the relationship between the PA profession and the military. I hope that as my career continues to mature, I also will be able to serve in a similar capacity.

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