Locum Tenens Is Hot – and Getting Hotter
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Physician assistant looking in patient's mouthPAsConnect has pointed out the advantages of physician assistants working in temporary or locum tenens posts. A new survey points to another one: They’re in high demand.

The annual survey, conducted by healthcare staffing firm Staff Care, reveals that hospitals, medical groups and other healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to temporary physician assistants and nurse practitioners to fill the void left by the nationwide physician shortage. Of all requests received by StaffCare, those for temporary PAs and NPs grew to 10 percent in 2012 compared to 2 percent in 2010. The firm chalks up the 8 percent spike in requests to a shortage of certain clinicians and physicians.

Sean Ebner, president of Staff Care, explains that more PAs and NPs are needed to plug the holes in care from provider shortages.

Read more about the survey here.

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