Kentucky PA Legislation Moves Forward, with Support
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KAPA President at Podium

KAPA President Talitha Hunt, PA-C, addresses a press conference on legislative advocacy day.

New poll figures indicate the majority of Kentuckians are comfortable seeing a physician assistant, nurse practitioner or another so-called “midlevel clinician” for their routine care. The Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) also reveals the comfort level is higher among those with experience receiving care from such clinicians.

This polling bodes well for Senate Bill 43, recently passed by the state Senate that would eliminate the current 18-month on-site supervision restriction for newly graduated PAs by June 1, 2014. The bill is now before the House Health and Welfare Committee.

The Kentucky Academy of PAs hosted a legislative advocacy day in Frankfort on February 5 to garner support for the bill. Hundreds of PAs and PA students descended on the state capitol.

This Wall Street Journal article provides background on the legislation.

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