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PAs Connect and the rest of the PA community want to hear from you!AAPA MARKETING - MD ANDERSON

PAs Connect is where you and your fellow PAs or PA students share experiences, exchange opinions and ideas, and learn from each other. We’re always looking for fresh voices to make your blog the place to be.

Pick one of the topics below or another one that interests you. Tell us about:

  • your healthcare team
  • your clinical year
  • your volunteer work
  • how you got your new job
  • a favorite technology tool
  • work-life balance

Blog submissions around 500 words, including your full name, credentials and professional affiliation, are welcome. And you will get final review of your edited blog before we post it. Submissions should not include personal attacks, profanity, abusive language, advertisements or other inappropriate material. If they do, they will not be posted.

Find some good advice or just talk to your peers! Make a difference. Share your story. And join the conversation on PAs Connect.

Submit your blog to pasconnect@aapa.org.





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