Honoring Our Veterans
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Navy Lt. David Bennet, a Physicians Assistant with the Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team, carries a civilian hit by an improvised explosive device into the 67th Forward Surgical Team facility on Forward Operating Base Sharana in the Paktika Province of eastern Afghanistan for treatment following an attack June 7.

The PA profession has deep roots in the military. The first class of PAs in 1965 was made up of four Navy Hospital corpsmen.

According to recent AAPA data, there are approximately 10,900 PAs in the workforce who are veterans, active duty or retired military, or in the National Guard or Reserves—comprising approximately 11 percent of the PA workforce.

In honor of Veterans Day, we are releasing a package of materials on veterans including videos, personal stories from PA veterans, job programs and resources for treating veterans.

Below are some materials we hope you find useful whether you are a military or civilian PA.

Veteran stories

Veteran culture

Treating veterans

Traumatic brain injury

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Suicide prevention


Veteran job programs

Veteran videos

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