Get Smart About Antibiotics Week
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PA writing prescriptionThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, Nov. 17-23, is designed to raise awareness about the threat of antibiotic resistance and the need to decrease inappropriate antibiotic use. Patients, healthcare providers, hospital administrators and policymakers must work together to employ effective strategies for improving antibiotic use in order to improve health, save lives and cut costs.

Overuse of antibiotics promotes antibiotic resistance and compromises their effectiveness. Infections caused by resistant bacteria have become more common, and many bacteria have become resistant to multiple antibiotics. Resistant infections are more challenging to treat, lead to more and longer hospital stays, and increase a patient’s risk for dying.

The CDC’s Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work and Get Smart for Healthcare programs are working together to educate consumers and healthcare providers in outpatient and inpatient settings about appropriate use of antibiotics. For more information, go to the CDC’s for Get Smart About Antibiotics Week website.

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