Dental Care in the City
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Jamille RancourtIn June, Pace University PA students volunteered at Spruce Street School, an elementary school in downtown Manhattan. The students were inspired by AAPA’s oral health education initiative to conduct a program.

The PA students visited first and second grade classrooms. We used tooth models, songs and other activities to convey the importance of oral health and teach students the proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Thanks to generous donations from the Pace PA program’s director, Susan Cappelmann, MS, MT (ASCP), PA-C, we were able to gift students toothbrushes and toothpaste. This event would not have been possible without her!

We are excited to develop a relationship with this school, which is close to Pace, and hope to continue visiting them. Our goal is to educate the kids on the importance of all aspects of health and build a good foundation for preventative health measures.

Jamille Rancourt, PA-S, is a member of the Pace University PA program’s class of 2016.

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