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2903987This article appears in the May issue of PA Professional.

Creating your references list is an essential part of the job search that can also help you cultivate your professional network and prepare you for interviews. Your list, comprising people with whom you’ve worked closely and who can attest to your skills, is a great way to review your accomplishments and look at your practice to date through the eyes of your clinical partners.

I suggest creating a reference list document that matches the font and overall style of your CV and cover letter and keeping it to one page. List your strongest and most recent references first and include their contact information and their professional relationship with you as well as how long you’ve known each other. Choose people with whom you’ve worked closely and can peak knowledgeably (and positively!) about your work, accomplishments and character.

It’s key that you reach out to each reference and confirm their willingness to be contacted. You might also review some highlights of your work together and ask them what they consider to be your strongest points. Share an updated copy of your CV and some information about your current career goals. Ask them about their preferred method of contact by employers with whom you’ll be putting them in touch.

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