Become a Champion of Diabetes Care During National Diabetes Month
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Insulin pump with infusion set

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November is National Diabetes Month, and Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day. Nearly 26 million Americans are affected by the disease, and it is the seventh-leading cause of death in the U.S. Now is the perfect time for physician assistants to fill a desperately needed role as champions of diabetes care.

Because of diabetes’ complications, PAs will encounter diabetic patients in almost all practice settings. But the good news is you’re in an excellent position to identify the disease and help patients manage the condition.

The American Academy of Physician Assistants has recently launched a nationwide initiative, the Diabetes Leadership Edge. It gives PAs the resources to become expert care providers in diabetes and keep patients on track with their treatment. In addition, AAPA’s Learning Central website has more than 20 CME activities related to diabetes, including courses on placing patients at the center of care and managing diabetes in patients with end-state kidney disease.

Armed with these resources, PAs can become the go-to providers on diabetes and elevate their value to their practices and patients.

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