Apply Now for a PA Foundation IMPACT Grant
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FD-16.0259-2016-IMPACT-Grants-Round-1-pas-connectNow is the time to improve patient health in your community. The PA Foundation IMPACT Grant Program provides funding to encourage and support PA and PA student involvement in programs that help medically underserved populations by improving patient education and health outcomes.

Offering funding of up to $10,000, IMPACT Grants support patient-focused, community-based health projects. Successful programs focus on patient education and health outcomes, or explore new PA-led models of care that integrate education into clinical visits.

Past recipients have provided education and care to underserved patients in a variety of ways, including starting educational programs and screening for diabetes, Hepatitis C and cervical cancer. Others have helped PA students connect with their communities through homeless health fairs and mobile clinics.

The deadline to apply for the first round of grants is April 8 – apply now to give back to your patients and community.

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