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Reamer01720610-201508000-00001.FF1This article appears in the August issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

The partnership between JAAPA and its publisher, Wolters Kluwer, celebrated its second anniversary earlier this summer. We recently reflected on the past year at our editorial board meeting. We all agreed that it was a good year. Serving our readers is JAAPA’s top priority and supporting PAs throughout their professional lives is the constant inspiration that drives our editorial board. I thought you might enjoy a few highlights of our good year.

With nearly 50 years under its belt, the PA profession continues to mature and blaze new trails in patient care, education and leadership. PAs have retained a predominant focus on delivering high-quality care and improving access for patients. Simultaneously, a small but diligent community of PA scholars and researchers has driven the majority of investigations and descriptive studies that offer insights into the value PAs can bring to healthcare. A key opportunity identified within the JAAPA-Wolters Kluwer partnership was to increase our capacity to publish high-quality research and expand PA-focused research within the global medical literature.

Over the past year, JAAPA successfully increased its output of original research and offered readers a series of succinct summaries and commentaries on health services research in its Citations department. As a key partner in the recent AAPA Poster Session, JAAPA, through its peer reviewers, evaluated more than 150 poster and abstract submissions. More than 90 abstracts from these poster submissions, including a diverse array of pilot studies and other investigations, have been accepted for online publication later this fall; they will have global exposure through indexing in OVID.

We also reached a pinnacle in our strategic work to advance research this year. JAAPA has been accepted for indexing by Thomson Reuters, publisher of Journal Citation Reports, which helps to measure research influence. Journal Citation Reports provides a systematic, objective approach to critically assess the world’s leading journals and publishes numerous metrics based on citation data, such as the Impact Factor.1,2 The indexing of JAAPA is a milestone for highlighting PA-focused scholarly content within this influential, international collection of leading journals. JAAPA continues to take steps to raise the visibility of PA research.

Read the rest of the article in JAAPA’s August issue.

Reamer L. Bushardt is professor and chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., vice president for Wake Forest Baptist Health and editor-in-chief of JAAPA.

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