6 Steps to Get a PA Week Proclamation
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South Dakota PA Academy with proclamation

A proclamation commends individuals or announces upcoming events or celebrations through a formal public announcement or declaration made by government officials.

PA Week is the perfect opportunity to ask for a proclamation to honor and recognize the contributions of the PA workforce in your state or community.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get one.

1. Identify the best person and office to approach for the proclamation

If possible, try getting multiple proclamations—from the city council, your local state representative and your congressional representative. More proclamations will garner more awareness of PAs and PA Week.

2. Contact the government official’s office to request the proclamation

Be sure to check the official’s website for instructions on how to submit a formal request. There may be an online form or instructions on what information must be included in a letter. And plan in advance to allow enough time for them to process it.

3. Use the sample proclamation

Create a draft proclamation using the sample below.

Add your local information and the date you would like the proclamation issued.

Also keep in mind that the official’s office may change some language.

Sample proclamation (PDF)

4. Meet with the official for the proclamation signing

You can likely be in the room when the proclamation is signed, and the official may let you take a photograph or group photo of the signing.

Be prepared to take your own photograph, or hire a photographer and get permission to use the photograph to promote PA Week.

And please don’t forget to share it with AAPA!

5. Build a relationship

After receiving the proclamation and photo of the signing ceremony (if provided by the official), remember to acknowledge the official’s contribution. This can be done in one of several ways:

  • Give the official a framed copy of the proclamation
  • Submit a “thank-you notice” to the local paper and send a copy to the official
  • Provide the official with a framed picture of the proclamation signing
  • Send a thoughtful thank-you note and a T-shirt or PA Week pin with the enclosed photo

6. Promote the proclamation!

  • Identify local newspapers throughout your state and submit an article about the proclamation signing along with a photo
  • If the article gets picked up, post the photo and story on AAPA’s Facebook page, and on Twitter using the #PAWeek hashtag
  • Send or drop off the photo and article at your legislator’s office
  • If the legislature is in session at the time, coordinate with the state lawmaker to request that the proclamation be read into the official record of the legislative proceedings
  • Ask the governor or the official’s office to send a press release from their office about the proclamation

Check out AAPA’s PA Week page for more ideas on how to celebrate!


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