5 Reasons Why PAs Should Read the 2015 Salary Report
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Each year, AAPA sends a survey to more than 47,000 PAs to gather the most detailed insights of compensation and benefits available for the annual salary report.  This comprehensive report details what PAs and new graduates entering the field can expect from employers in all 50 states and compare where they stand in their current practice.

SR Report CarouselHere are few other reasons why the 2015 Salary Report is a must read:

  1. Demand for PAs is rising. Over the last three years demand for PAs has risen more than 300 percent with PAs being the fifth most-requested recruiting assignments, according to the Merritt Hawkins’ annual Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives.
  2. How does your wage compare to your peers? The median annual salary for a full-time PA in the U.S. was $93,800 in 2014, but depending on where you practice, your work setting and mode of payment, you may earn more.
  3. Find out what benefits to expect. Some of you are receiving awesome benefits from your employers, like bonuses, paid holidays, stock options and even student loan repayment.
  4. Be an informed job-seeker. Hey new graduates, remember how we said PAs are in high demand, well this report is your perfect negotiation tool. Use this as a guide for what to expect for compensation and benefits from all 50 states and all types of employers.
  5. Read this before you make a big move. Find out which region pays PAs the best, it may save you the headache of moving the family across the country.

Don’t miss out, log in and download the 2015 Salary Report.

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